The digital templating EVOLUTION begins now...

 LT3Raptor is a new digital templating platform designed with a robust Cloud-based management hub to make you faster and more efficient not only in templating, but also other areas of your process including job management, programming and more!

First impressions and sneak peeks of LT3Raptor

Gain more control & efficiency of your ENTIRE digital process.

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Quick just got quicker with Templating Intelligence

LT3Raptor has built-in Templating Intelligence to make quick even quicker. From Edge Detection to One-Touch technology, finish fabrication-ready files in fewer clicks easily and intuitively.

Automatically highlight and select entire edges with one touch on any portion of the edge for quicker and easier fillets, offsets and more.

Utilizing Edge Detection, add backsplashes and dimensions to an entire edges with a single tap.

One of two new Capture modes, create perfectly square openings for stoves, farmhouse sinks and more in seconds, with three or less capture points.

The second of two new Capture modes allows you to shoot a point and automatically apply a cross and centerline reference, which will disappear once a drop-in is placed in the location.

Two-line capture eliminates the need to continually start a new line when templating. The continuous line capture is ideal for scribing walls where multiple capure points may be needed.

Eliminates the need to rotate drawings to specific edges, making it faster to add drop-ins that are automatically squared up to the desired edge.

Easily create notches around trim pieces in your drawing by entering a couple dimensions and highlighting the desired edges.

Select two parallel edges or objects to automatically view the distance between them at three different points to verify if they are truly parallel or not.

Quickly display dimensions of an entire edge simply by hovering over/touching the edge, providing a cleaner and more effective way to temporarily view measurements.

Our advanced processing technology and Bluetooth connectivity captures points instantaneously without lag.

Visual notifications alert the operator of templating errors in real-time for immediate correction to help ensure error-free drawings.

Expedite your file preparation for fabrication with straight-line offset and scribe tab functions designed to optimize both install and fabrication for your job.

The nesting function utilizes the kerf and offset data from each edge style applied, along with the captured measurements, to automatically provide an optimized layout on your desired slab specifications to not only speed up the programming process, but also increase slab yield and reduce waste.

Same simplicity. Enhanced experience.

LT3Raptor has taken the user-friendly foundation of the current LT software and enhanced it. The new UX and UI feature workspace customization, improved Quick Actions, and more.

Set up your workspace the way you like it for optimal workflow and efficiency. Select between light and dark modes, as well as where you want the toolbars and popup windows to appear on your screen.

The enhanced Quick-Actions menu makes it even easier to add and organize your frequently used functions, from offsets to fillets, to make templating even quicker.

The integrated TeamViewer module provides easier, faster, and more advanced remote tech support.

Create and add drop-ins quicker and easier, as well as create and organize multiple drop-in folders in your powered by LPI Cloud account.

Pairing to the laser unit with the latest Bluetooth protocol provides more efficient and secure connectivity, as well as faster measuring.

The newly redesigned shop sheet offers improved organization and display of job information for a comprehensive, yet succinct view of each job page. The embedded QR code links back to the job file in your powered by LPI Cloud account.

The new UI is designed specifically for use on touchscreen tablets for enhanced operation including touch sensitivity, workspace layout, and more.

Built from the ground up, LT3Raptor provides software stability with Windows OS and subsequent updates, as well as flexibility to adapt to current and future technology.

Select, move, rotate, and group elements together easier and quicker than ever.

Output a list of all countertops, backsplashes, and other pieces along with their dimensions into one easy-to-read PDF helping you to keep track of all pieces within a job. Integrates with the LPI StoneTag system.

This advanced user-friendly and robust photo platform allows you to easily capture and import job photos. Add notes and annotations, as well as assign photos to specific job pages for enhanced organization. Output photos and information to an organized PDF packet with a QR code linking back to the job file in your powered by LPI Cloud account.

Include a comprehensive portfolio of job and customer details, including desired materials, cut-outs and more, as well as tearout and general job notes. Utilize the integrated templator checklist to help ensure critical job aspects and expectations have been completed.

Output a list of all countertops, backsplashes, and other pieces along with their dimensions into one easy-to-read PDF helping you to keep track of
all pieces within a job. Integrate the LPI StoneTag label system, featuring a unique QR code that links back to the job file, to apply physical labels on each piece to enhance your QC and install processes. powered by LPI Cloud

A Cloud-based management hub at your fingertips where you can view and manage jobs, edge styles, drop-ins, user permissions, workflows, and more.

Sync and access all job files by your templating team from any location for complete visibility, control and efficiency.

Create and assign user permissions for members of your team from templators and programmers to managers and administrators. Assign various levels of access or account privileges based on your workflow.

Track and manage all of your company’s LT units and software, including insurance plan coverage and expiration dates. Track and manage your team’s usage and productivity as well.

Create, manage and access multiple libraries to help maintain templating standards, as well as improve workflow and quality control.

Create or implement your current workflow to better track jobs throughout your entire process. Tag and update each job with a status depending where it is in your workflow.

Setup one or multiple customized customer agreements in your account powered by LPI Cloud to apply to any LT3Raptor job file for customer approval and sign-off. Output the agreement, along with the template, job details, photographs and shop sheet into one comprehensive PDF packet.